LOCHGELLY Parkinson sufferer, Janet Kerr, is going to have a busy 2019 to celebrate turning 50.

Janet did a special skatethon last year for Parkinsons and inspired a lot of people to join her, and raised a lot of money for research into the condition.

Now to celebrate turning 50, she will combine Cycling - Skating - Scootering and Swimming for at least 50 miles every week for 50 weeks!

Said Janet, who has suffered from Parkinson's for two and a half years, but is still able do a lot of activities: "I’ve also signed up for the Loch Ness Etape (66 miles); I'm hoping to do Pedal for Parkinson's, the North Coast 500 and more touring in general; and organise and participate again in the Kelpies Sk8-Athlon, which is roller skating 26.2 miles.

"After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in June 2016 and taking the time to come to terms with it, I threw myself into helping the charity that is there to help me; whether this is by volunteering at events or helping to raise funds.

"I am doing this for a couple of reasons: One: this year is a special year for me in that I turn 50 and I want to mark it with something tangible as well as being a fundraising opportunity for Parkinson’s UK and the Parkinson’s Fife Branch.

"Two, do I need something to help me refocus my energy into something positive rather than the personal situation which has consumed my life for the last couple of challenging years, but that’s a story for another day! Call it therapy!

"Unfortunately, my symptoms are progressing in that I have now developed rigidity in my foot and hand. I’m aware my brain can misfire when in conversation; a completely random sentence gets thrown into the mix, usually when I’m tired but can be quite funny when I’m reading a story to the grandkids or more recently when I was reading out instructions on how to play Backgammon!

"I am currently trialling different medication, so hopefully this will help! Walking has become more difficult and painful. This is now beginning to transfer to the bike and roller skating, therefore, this is not going to be easy for me and time is of the essence, so I need to grab life with both hands...and feet to complete the challenge and concentrate on what I can do and not what I can’t".

She added: "I’ve allowed two back-up weeks, in case of bad weather or I’m just knackered and because of the unpredictability of the condition I may on occasion ‘bank’ extra miles and carry them forward to weeks where I’m really struggling, I hope that’s ok?

"So if anybody wants to join me for a cycle-skate-scoot-swim then your company would be truly welcome. Unfortunately, I can't do 'impact' exercise anymore, hence the activities chosen".

But she stressed: "Without the love, support and encouragement of my wonderful husband, Gary, none of this would be possible".

Her link is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/janetsfiftychallenge