A MATTER of days after giving birth to her first baby a Lochgelly mum found herself in hospital battling for her life.

Micheala Spacey contracted Sepsis and only swift action by her mum, Michelle, persuaded her to go to Victoria Hospital and the 24 year-old prison officer admits that had she not gone she might not be here to see baby Jackson grow up.

Michaela, from McKenzie Crescent, had Jackson on November 19 and 12 days later she started to feel unwell: "I had gone with my mum and Jackson to a retail park and began to feel really weak.

"When I got home I just wanted to go to bed but mum insisted that something serious was wrong."

Michelle takes up the story: "I called the hospital for advice and by this time she was being violently sick.

"I was told to take Micheala down to the hospital and the minute the doctor saw her he ordered a series of blood tests.

"It was discovered that she had mastitis which had then developed into Sepsis. She was a very sick young lady."

Gran Jessie Wallace added: "Micheala was very ill spent several days in the Maternity High Dependency Unit before the strong antibiotics started to bring the infection under control."

Partner Ross was soon at the Vic to look after little Jackson and the family rallied around to encourage her on the recovery road.

But as Micheala makes clear on Page 4 no one should ever think they are wasting the medical service's time if they feel bad for Sepsis can be a killer.