THE Cowdenbeath Looney Dook went brilliantly on New Year's Day

The dookers had been keeping their eyes on the weather forecast but they need not have worried as the sun shone high in the sky for the dook in the River Forth, at Pathhead Sands, in Kirkcaldy.

The organisers, the Cowdenbeath Civic Week Committee, were delighted with the 30+ 'dookers' who took part.

And the committee's Alex Haddow reflected: "I had a great time with the fantastic folks.

"Everyone did the town and the Civic Week and Kids Gala proud.

"We are looking at a combined total raised by the event of somewhere in the region of Just under £4,000, which is brilliant."

There were of course some special guests at the dook including local councillor Darren Watt, who entered the Forth dressed in his suit that he can often be seen wearing in the council chamber!

Also there was Bluebell the Cowden Coo who kept working at getting deeper despite the water soaking the beast's rich coat!

With the sun high in the sky and little wind the conditions were virtually perfect, a point made by Alex.

"Probably one of the best days weatherwise we have ever had for our Dook," he said.

"People chose different styles of attire for the occasion and it was a real fun event which raised valuable funds for Civic Week thanks to the efforts of all our dookers and their backers".

Alex said that the local business community had been generously supporting the cause with some good donations.

He added: "It is good to get such a good base as this early in the year for the various events the committee is involved in.

"Also there are plans for a Cowdenbeath Rangers v Cowdenbeath Celtic charity football match in April in support of Civic Week funds with the players of the two squads paying a fee to play, so that could be be a good event too."