THE activities of vandals in the Cowdenbeath Community Woodland has helped see a rise in deliberate fire setting in the communities covered by Lochgelly Fire Station.

Station Manager Mike Youngson told Cowdenbeath Area Committee that up until the end of September there had been 81 incidents of deliberately set fires.

The Cowdenbeath Environment Group has become increasingly frustrated with the amount of wheelie bins being destroyed in the town's beauty spot.

Mr Youngson said: "We continue to target schools to deliver talks regarding the dangers and consequences of deliberate fire setting.

"We also work with our police and council partners to identify deliberate fire setting incidents early in order to ensure that solutions are implemented to prevent further incidents."

In the weeks between the end of October and mid December more than 20 wheelie bins, stolen from the streets of Cowdenbeath, had been destroyed in the woodland by being set alight.