S3 Beath High pupils in German, French and Administration classes have been participating in an Interdisciplinary Learning Project facilitated by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages).

The aim of the project is to give pupils a realistic experience of the relevance of languages in the tourism sector in Scotland.

Visit Scotland estimates tourism is worth £11bn to the Scottish economy and German and French speakers are common visitors to Fife and the surrounding area.

Aberdour Castle is one of the oldest castles in Scotland but doesn’t currently have many resources for German and French visitors, so the Beath pupils are creating leaflets in these languages which tourists could use during their visits.

The pupils have learned about Historic Environment Scotland’s work and a little about the history of Aberdour Castle during language lessons.

Fiona Davidson, Learning Development Officer at HES, also visited Beath to give a presentation and launch the project.

Some 70 pupils visited the castle and gathered more information about the top attractions there. They will now use this information to create leaflets in class which will be sent to HES for judging.

Said a member of staff involved: "The pupils had a brilliant time at the castle admiring the ancient architecture, researching the ruins and finding out about medieval life. "We’re all really excited to see what they produce".