WALKING to Lochgelly High School could provide 'real danger,' councillors Lea McLelland and Rosemary Liewald fear.

And they are mounting a campaign to see the plan abandoned.

There is a proposal by Fife Education Committee that in a move to increase the fitness and wellbeing of school pupils all over Fife, that 'walking to school' be promoted.

As far as Lochgelly High is concerned it would mean around 120 children being given the chance to walk over two miles from Benarty, but the councillors walked the route and are unhappy at the volume of traffic using the road and other potential dangers for kids would face.

Said Councillor McLelland: "We have discovered that Ballingry Crescent is the nearest point that passes would be allowed for kids to get the school bus to Lochgelly High, so all kids living inside that border would either have to walk or get the service bus.

"Myself and Rosemary walked the road and found the volume of traffic in the morning period to be really heavy with some large HGVs using it and also the condition of the pavement was a bit narrow in areas.

"Also the fence on the path near the Fitty Burn is broken and anyone could fall down the slop and into the fast running water. There are real dangers on this route"

She added: "Also to take the service bus to the school it would cost a family £9 per week per child, so on safety and cost grounds we feel that this is not a safe plan."

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