THE chair of Crossgates British British Legion is recovering after suffering a broken hip and a shoulder injury after a 'freak' hit and run accident in the club's car park.

Sandra McDougall, 69, was suddenly struck by a 4x4 vehicle after she had been out looking for where two men were working who had been taking part in sorting areas of the banks of the burn which runs past the club on Main Street.

The 5' tall slight lady doesn't think the driver knew that he had hit her.

"I had my back to the vehicle and I did not realise it was reversing towards me," said Sandra.

"All of a sudden I was bowled over and fortunately he stopped and then drove off. I honestly don't think he realised what had happened, it was a real freak accident."

Sandra, from the village's Church Place, had been speaking to the driver earlier.

She added: "It was on November 2 and he was after a biggish poppy to put on his car but we did not have any and I suggested he tried the Dunfermline Legion.

"I had only gone down to the club to let the stock taker in when the man came to speak to me.

"He said he was from Aberdour and thanked me for trying to help him and then left. I went outside to see how the lads were doing with their work up at the burn when the accident occurred, and I cannot believe he knew that he hit me.

"I would like him to know what happened as to this minute he probably has no idea what occurred."

Sandra, who spent ten days in hospital with her broken hip and damaged shoulder, contacted the police but they have not had any lucky with trying to find the driver and she concluded: "If he reads I hope that he can get in touch."