MOVES to improve the facilities available to the people of Crossgates moved a step nearer on Thursday when over 60 people turned out to consider plans proposed by a group of volunteers who want to develop two big park areas.

Humbug Park and adjoining Schoolview Park are the large expanses of grass which the Crossgates Village Parks Group would like to see turned into facilities which could be utilised by all age groups.

The Crossgates Village Parks group's aims are set out in a constitution and these are to encourage public participation in sport; advance education through a learning facility; and advance community development in the area.

All involved are unpaid volunteers and trustees working in their own time.

Said CVP's Paul Laidlaw: "Over 100 years ago, the village had much fewer residents but enjoyed far more facilities including tennis courts, a 9 hole golf course, a small cinema and, weather permitting, a curling rink.

"CVP believes that things can be improved greatly, as other communities of Crossgates' size have more facilities and despite requests these have not been replicated in our community, so CVP like many other community based charities, can attract funding to improve amenities."

Thursday's meeting was chaired by Councillor Alex Campbell and also there were his colleagues Councillors Ali Bain, Gary Guichan and Darren Watt along with Fife Council team leader Gary Daniell.

The discussion saw people air their views for and against the CVP proposals and there were many interesting comments.

Said Councillor Campbell: "It was a really good meeting with many interesting questions posed and there was a good balance of opinion being expressed.

"The decision at the end of the discussion was that we should have a period of six months' consultation on the proposals to see Humbug Park and Schoolview Park turned into something which would increase the facilities available for villagers created in a phased manner.

"At the end of the six months if the balance of opinion is that the proposals should go ahead this will be what happens and things will be taken to the next stage.

"If the balance is against the plans then the CVP Group will drop their ideas, so it will be a busy and important time in the village."