A KINGLASSIE man decided to fire air gun pellets from his garden, Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard.

Konrad Konewka, 34, admitted culpably and recklessly firing plastic pellets from an airsoft rifle towards houses in the village's Main Street.

The charge stated that the pellets repeatedly hit property, leaving people afraid.

The Court was told that a woman in an upstairs bedroom noticed Konewka to the rear of the property holding a gun.

The lady could see that the gun was being shot and she kept her eye on the situation for quite a time and noticed he was shooting at a tree in a neighbouring garden.

Another neighbour went in to their garden to check what was there and found small plastic pellets.

Police made contact with Konewka and he showed officers his air weapon.

An agent on accused's behalf said that it was an airsoft pistol which did not require a licence. It was more like a paintball gun, it was contended, but you could be stung by it.

The agent added that his client took part in skirmish events and had been shooting at a target on his fence.

He was fined £180.