A LOCHORE man who was found asleep in a car by police after taking cocaine has been disqualified from driving.

Christopher McDonald realised he has become unfit to drive and pulled over by Fife Leisure Park.

Police later found him asleep in the car with a substantial amount of cocaine worth about £250.

McDonald, 31, of McGinlay Terrace, previously admitted that on December 29, on Whimbrel Place, Fife Leisure Park, he did drive a mechanically propelled vehicle while unfit to drive through drink or drugs and without a policy of insurance.

Also, he did have in his possession a controlled drug or drugs, namely cocaine.

Defence solicitor, James Moncrieff, said: "At the time he had split up with his partner and he was finding dealing with that very difficult.

"He started taking substances for his low mood.

"He felt that he still had that under control and was able to get on with his life.

"He feels ashamed and embarrassed by his behaviour. This incident gave him the motivation to sort out the issues in his life. He has also found employment."

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: "You took a mixture of cocaine and amphetamines and then got behind the wheel of a vehicle.

"It is only by good fortune that you did not hurt anyone including yourself.

"Unfortunately, people driving whilst under the influence of drugs is becoming more and more common in this Court and it will not be tolerated.

"You were also found with one gram of cocaine, worth about £250, which is a significant quantity of cocaine."

The sheriff also imposed 225 hours of unpaid work and £300 fine as well as disqualifying McDonald from driving for 18 months.