CARDENDEN has been blighted by football fans putting stickers on street signs and lamp posts and the village Environment Group has made an impassioned plea to them to stop what Mary Murdoch described as 'vandalism'.

The lamp posts running from the bottom of Station Road to the Jamphlars have been targeted as have a series of direction signs with a mixture of stickers involving Rangers and Celtic plus the John Thomson football competition.

Mary, a long time member of the hard working Environment Group, who recently saw the village awarded silver gilt status in the 2018 Beautiful Fife awards, said: "This has been something which has been getting increasingly worse in recent weeks and there is virtually no sign or lamp post unaffected.

"The thing is that it must be costing the people doing this a lot of money to buy the stickers, so why put them on such public places and ruin the ambience of Cardenden with the vandalism.

"It was a big boost to us to get silver gilt status but this is a big blow."

The environmentalists hope that Fife Council can remove the stickers before their Christmas events, but it will be a long job with more than 15 signs affected and at least 25 lamp posts.