SO who exactly are Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo; even their name sounds fantastic?

An all male ballet troupe, The Trocks as they are affectionately known have grown from 1974’s off-off-Broadway dance show to become one of the most legendary ballet companies in the world, writes Times theatre critic Kerry Black.

While many people will have heard of their uniquely comedic take on the classics of ballet, it is their sheer physical prowess which dazzles their faithful audiences. This week, they are shaking down their tutus and fluffing up their feathers at The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh for two nights only on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st October.

Before the curtain even opens, the audience is in hysterics as the announcer rattles off a list of amendments to the programme in a fake Russian accent.

The curtains part to reveal a froth of white winged maidens draped across the stage like a Degas masterpiece as The Trocks present their version Of Les Sylphides. Imagine the most beautiful ballet you have ever seen, complete with disgruntled divas, eyelashes so large you can almost hear them clatter and dancers who exchange grace for disgrace as they vie to land the hand of the obligatory handsome prince. Except this prince is a poor trauchled looking cratur, quaking as these denizens of dance pounce on pointe! Genius!

After a short interval, The Trocks slaughtered modern ballet with Patterns In Space, complete with two of the geekiest “musicians” on the planet. Having attended an event many years ago where a man played tunes on a carrot and a hoover tube, I could empathise with their art!

While The Trocks are famed for their blend of ballet and buffoonery, they are also masters of classic choreography and pay homage to it in La Trovatiara Pas De Cinq, as they do a sword dance unlike anything you will see at any local Highland Games! This was followed by Robert Carter’s moulting masterpiece, the Dying Swan. Except this swan refused to die until it had pecked out encore after encore!

Finally the entire company stepped out in a glorious array of tutus and tiaras to dance us out into the cold night air with Paquita, a true classical extravaganza. With a top class international cast and exquisite costumes, no wonder The Trocks sell out all over the world.