COWDENBEATH Environment Group are very concerned with some of the problems being experienced in the town's Community Woodland during the school holidays..

There have been incidents where wheelie bins have been set on fire and a number of trees damaged.

All very frustrating for the volunteers who care for the Woodland which is a major feature every year in the town's bid for improved status in the Beautiful Fife awards.

But clearly the more damage that is caused the more difficult it is to present the Woodlands at its best to the judges.

Said one of the Group's volunteers: "This is what our youths get up to during the school holidays.

"This situation is just getting worse. I spoke with Community Police officer PC calum McDougall and updated him.

"Unfortunately there was more serious crime in other parts of the area.

"But the fact is we are really getting fed up."

The volunteer added: "This goes on every weekend and obviously it gets worse at holidays.

"There is a serious consumption of alcohol in the Woodland and I have also been advise that drugs are also being taken.

"Then there is the mess that gets left behind. Add to that setting fire to the trees and also the amount of wheelie bins at are being destroyed.

"I think the count for destroyed bins is easily in excess of 40 with the the cost now going in to the thousands? However, we have been able to recover four of these."

The Community Police team regularly visit the Woodland but the youngsters seem to be able to keep out of the road when they are there.