WITH the dark nights stretching out as autumn extends shoppers at a Cowdenbeath store were able to get key advice on keeping their homes secure.

Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel were involved with a home security event at Morrisons.

This event was part "Acquisitive Crime Week," which was organised by Police Scotland, and ran from Monday October 8 to Friday October 12.

The Panel's vice-chair, Dave Roy, said: "The Crime Prevention Panel linked in with Police Scotland Community Ward Constable's - Calum McDougall and Fiona Menzies to help deliver tips and advice on home security and the shoppers who came to Morrisons on the Monday will definitely benefit from the many security devices, card defenders etc we passed on.

"I would also like to thank the Management and Staff at Morrisons for their help and support on the day".

The Panel are planning on being back in the store on Monday December 10, between 10am and 1pm.