CHILDREN in the Cowdenbeath area are growing in confidence and demonstrating resilience, according to a recent study.

A total of 1032 parents or carers took part, as well as 1505 young people, in Fife Council’s Pupilwide and Parentwise Survey.

According to the report, 78 per cent of children and young people said they felt safe and cared for at nursery and school while 75 per cent said they felt at least one adult in school knew them well.

A total of 83 per cent felt school made sure they knew about their rights and responsibilities while 57 per cent said they believed they go the chance to share their ideas about what they like most and least about their local area and how to make things better.

Ninety per cent of parents were happy with their child’s progress in school or nursery while 87 per cent said their school or nursery kept them well informed.

Cowdenbeath area committee heard from headteachers from Lochgelly and Beath high schools and Foulford Primary who outlined their approach to the survey.

Councillor Gary Guichan was pleased to see the Cowdenbeath figures higher than the average Fife ones.

Committee convener, Councillor Linda Erskine, said the surveys were vital in looking at what improvements are required. “They represent an important way of encouraging pupil and parent participation which helps schools in their service evaluation and planning how resources might be targeted in the areas for development,” she said.

“We have a lot of good work going on in schools and there have been a lot of changes in the area. One of the things for me is that this is a work in progress.

“What is most important and encouraging is hearing the word community more and more. Education is really important but community is really important as well. We need to be bringing in how the schools work within our community.”