THERE have been renewed calls for safety measures to be introduced for pedestrians having to cross the A92 to access Halbeath Park and Ride.

The dangers to commuters making their way to the transport hub by foot or cycle was raised at a recent meeting of the Crossgates Community Council.

It follows similar concerns raised by Halbeath resident Alan Scott last year who said it was “only a matter of time” before someone was killed trying to access the park and ride while trying to negotiate the 70 miles per hour road.

He was backed by Dunfermline and West Fife MP, Douglas Chapman, who said “extending the 40mph zone between the roundabouts at Halbeath and Crossgates” would be a step forward.

Liz Wheatley, secretary of Crossgates Community Council, said local commuters were desperate to see something done.

“The A92 is such a very, very busy road and people coming from Crossgates who are trying to access the park and ride on foot have to cross it,” she said.

“It is really quite treacherous and many people do it.

“It came up at our meeting and someone said quite simply, it is scary because of the volume of the traffic.

“It is well used from people from Crossgates and I assume it is the same with people from Halbeath.”

Liz said local councillor Alex Campbell had contacted Bear Scotland, who maintain the trunk road, and they had said they would look at the situation and consider introducing signage to warn drivers.

“I don’t think that will be enough,” she added. “The ideal solution would be a crossing. Just something whereby drivers have to physically look and stop.”

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said road safety was of “paramount importance” to the Scottish Government.

“We assess the safety performance of the trunk road network on an annual basis and there have been no accidents on the A92 between Halbeath and Crossgates involving cyclists or pedestrians in the last three years,” said the spokesperson.

“Over £34 million has been invested on the A92 since 2007 to ensure it is well maintained and operates safely.

“Anyone who has any concerns regarding the trunk road network is encouraged to contact Transport Scotland.

“We are open to any suggestions for improved pedestrian and cycling facilities and will continue to consider any request made to the agency.”