THE Sunset Spirit are back with new faces and tunes as they prepare to release their first EP.

They spent their summer laying down recordings and have emerged with a new record which moves away from their previous sound.

Stuart Shields (frontman) is confident a change in approach and new band members in the West Fife outfit will build on the foundation they cemented last year when they released their debut album.

He said: “We’ve really upped our game. We’re now a six-piece. It’s a big band with a big sound now.

“We now have a lead guitar, so when you add that in beside the keys, it all just sounds brilliant.

“When we play live now, it feels like this huge wave of sound. It’s still melodic, but we have more bite now and we’ve moved towards a more rock sound.

“When we all get together and just go for it, you feel it straight away. It really has this mega sound when we play it live. It just feels brilliant to play.”

Stuart added: “We were eager to record as quickly as possible when we started writing the new material as it was sounding so good.

“We have sneakily played a couple of the tracks live to see how folk who have seen us before would react.

“The feedback has been really good, so we’re pretty positive about the response we’ll hopefully have. We’re going to put it out there and see what happens. We’ve put a lot of time and effort in, so hopefully it can pay off.

“We’ve also been trying to get ahead of the game as it were, as we have a new single ready to follow. It all came together very quickly and hopefully it can keep the momentum and push going once the EP comes out.”

‘Sometimes’ boasts five-tracks and will be launched in PJ Molloys next Saturday, October 13.

Songs from their album, From The Top, will also feature on the night.

“We’re all looking forward to it,” Stuart continued.

“It’s a great venue and one we’ve all played in at some point in different bands.

“It’s going to be a great night for us and we’re hoping as many people as possible can come along and see us and our new sound.”

Support comes from Steve James, The Smithereens and The Plastic Mac.

Doors open at 7 and tickets cost £6.