A KELTY man who appeared before court for his second domestic abuse conviction has been placed under supervision and ordered to complete unpaid work.

David McKay, 28, of Croall Place, previously admitted that on August 19 at Brag Industrial Estate, Crosshill, he did assault his partner by repeatedly pushing her on the body.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that McKay and the complainer had been in a relationship for approximately three years.

The woman had been out socialising with friends the night before the incident and returned home in the early hours.

She received a phone call later on in the afternoon from McKay saying he required her help to remove a vehicle.

When she went to attend at the garage in Crosshill, words were exchanged between the pair and this was when McKay was seen repeatedly pushing his partner.

The woman contacted the police afterwards.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett disputed the narrative, explaining the complainer and the accused had in fact had an argument earlier that day too.

"It was a stupid argument as described by Mr McKay," he said. "He left the home to avoid any more confrontation.

"He asked her to come and remove a vehicle that was blocking the garage and he accepts he did push her.

"He does not expect the relationship to continue and he believes it is at an end.

"He wishes to put this matter behind him."

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: "On its own, this offence would not require a significant disposal but it's not.

"It's an offence of domestic aggravated assault which is always serious, and, in your case, this is your second aggravated assault.

"The last one was clearly more serious but you have other offences for violence."

McKay was placed on a supervision order for 18 months and ordered to do 65 hours' unpaid work.