A SHERIFF has jailed a violent Kelty man despite social workers saying he would pose "no harm to the public".

When Sheriff Charles Macnair disagreed and sent Simon Robertson to prison for eight months and 45 days, Robertson struggled with prison officers and made threats towards court staff.

The court had to be cleared because of the disruption.

Robertson, 29, of Lindsay Court, Kelty, previously admitted that on July 9, at his home address and during the course of a journey from there to Dunfermline Police Station, he did behave in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm in that he did shout, swear, lock police officers within his home address, utter threats to kill and be violent towards officers and their families, utter threats to damage property, repeatedly strike his head against a police vehicle, threaten to harm himself and struggle with officers.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court that police had attended Robertson's address at 10.15pm about an unrelated matter.

When they got there, they were approached by an unknown male who said the property was his friend’s, but no-one was inside at the time. He said the front door was insecure, a window had been smashed and he could hear the TV playing.

Police did a search of the property and found Robertson. When he approached officers, he was immediately aggressive and started shouting at them.

He said: "I was chasing that short-haired lesbian down the f***ing street, I am doing your f***ing job for you.

"I've got 43 sentences I know the f***ing system. I do not f***ing report anything to the police, you're liars.

"Why are you here? I do not care who f***ing let you in, I do not care if the Queen let you in. I have mental health issues, you’re making it worse."

Officers told Robertson to calm down and said his friend had told them about the property and they had come to see if he was OK.

Robertson continued to be aggressive and then left the property, locking the two officers inside.

They contacted the control room for back-up but discovered they could get out of the home through the living room window.

Other officers located Robertson and while placing him in a police vehicle, he was abusive, made threats to harm himself and began banging his head off the side of the vehicle.

While on the way to the police station he also continued to shout at officers, saying: "I'm going to kill you, I will bite your throat", among other threats.

In the station, he told an officer he "never forgot a face" and would follow him home and kill his wife and bairns.

He also said he would bang his head in a cell until he passed out. When he was charged he replied: "Stick it up your arse".

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said: "The incident was accelerated by not knowing why police officers were at his home address.

"When they established he was safe, he could not understand why they were still there.

"There are significant difficulties with his mental health and he has been admitted to hospital several times over the year.

"He accepts his behaviour was out of order and there was no excuse for it."

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: "The police officers were performing their duties and were trying to assist you but they were faced with your frightening behaviour.

"Afterwards, you made the most serious threats.

"In a report it says you do not pose a significant amount of harm to the public.

"I find that hard to see."