A WOMAN was left in disbelief after she found a bathroom dumped at a West Fife beauty spot.

Jacqueline Yates was driving by the entrance to Loch Glow, near Kelty, recently when she saw the rubbish blighting the area, which is looked after by Forestry Commission Scotland.

But it's not the first time she's found illegally dumped items there.

She told the Times: "I could not believe it – I was driving past Loch Glow at the time and had to take a picture of what I saw.

"The absolute cheek of dumping rubbish right underneath the sign for such a beautiful place.

"I think it's disgusting."

Jacqueline added: "It's not the first time I've seen rubbish dumped there. The last time it was worse as there were about five or six sheets of asbestos.

"I recognised them instantly as my garage was roofed with the same sheets.

"I think it's an ongoing problem.

"If the people who have done it have come from Dunfermline then that makes it even worse because they've had to drive past the dump to get there."

A Forest Enterprise Scotland spokesman said they were alerted to the fly-tipping on Wednesday September 5 and that they had alerted the authorities.

The rubbish has now been removed and he added: "Woodland wardens regularly patrol the area and whenever we find this illegal tipping we get it removed as soon as possible.

"Luckily the area is not prone to large amounts of fly tipping, but we do get around a dozen or so occurrences each year.

"We work in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland and Fife Council to tackle the issue.

“Illegal dumping is a big frustration for us all – it is a blight on the environment and takes up valuable resources and our staff time which could be better spent on more positive work to benefit our communities.”