A TAXI driver risked losing his licence after an argument with another cabbie spilled into a fight that was filmed and shared on social media.

He was referred to Fife Council's regulation and licensing committee "for consideration of suspension" and eight more were given warnings for reasons including "verbal altercations with other drivers", driving behaviour and irresponsible parking.

Two ice cream vendors have been asked to explain themselves after a number of complaints over the times and volume of their chimes – they're not allowed to sound them after 7pm.

A cabbie was also due to face councillors to answer accusations about "the standard of his driving" but voluntarily gave up his licence before the hearing while another was issued with a written warning for failing to complete a fare.

The council's licensing enforcement officers dealt with 65 enquiries into complaints and suspected non-compliance with licence conditions between May 1 and July 31.

Councillors were told that most of the enquiries concerned taxi and private hire car drivers, and taxi operators, as well as street traders, knife dealers, public entertainment, skin-piercing and tattooing, metal dealers and market operators.

Advice was given in 20 cases – cabbies and operators were pulled up for conduct on the rank, unapproved signage, expired plates and an illegally-parked vehicle, while three street traders were told they needed to apply for a licence and a company was advised about an indoor sports entertainment licence.

There is ongoing monitoring by the enforcement officers at Fife taxi ranks following "complaints of drivers not moving up the rank, not remaining with their vehicles and offensive language". They're also watching out for taxis operating outwith their licensed areas.

In the three-month period, 33 spot checks were also carried out, focusing on taxi drivers and booking offices, second-hand dealers and street traders. Four cabbies were shown the red card, one was sent off the rank for not carrying his badge and the other three for failing to comply with the approved dress code.

There were no issues resulting from 26 of the checks, while advice was given on three occasions.