FIFE Council aims to invest more than £850 million with "significant expenditure" on schools, transport and housing in the next 10 years.

Councillors are being asked to back the Capital Strategy 2019-29 which sets out what the local authority plans to spend its money on.

And they're hoping it'll be part financed with a sizeable chunk of the £2.8 billion that's being pumped into the Tay and Edinburgh city region deals that Fife have signed up to.

The strategy states: "The council currently has ambitious plans to deliver over £850m of investment in assets over a 10 year period, including significant expenditure on schools, infrastructure and housing.

"The investment is considered vital in the provision of services and to achieve the council's ambitious outcomes detailed in the Plan for Fife."

The main themes of the strategy are: opportunities for all; thriving places; inclusive growth and jobs; and community-led services.

This includes easier access to education, training and jobs, building 3,500 affordable homes and investing in sport, leisure and cultural activities, transport improvements, integrating community facilities and making better use of digital opportunities.

It also says that "addressing the needs of our most deprived communities is a key aspect" and the council "needs to balance increasing demand through demographic changes with pressure on both revenue and capital resources".

The foreword by chief executive Steve Grimmond and co-leaders David Alexander and David Ross states: "Fife is ambitious for the future, we want to improve the lives of everyone who lives here.

"This will not be easy at a time of significant challenge in terms of reducing resources, increasing demand, a growing and ageing population and economic uncertainty.

"Achieving our ambitions will require dedication and targeted investment in assets."

The third largest council in Scotland is responsible for 32,035 council houses, 65,114 streetlights, 2,437km of roads, 184 educational facilities (including schools), 1,362 public buildings, 443 bridges and 66 adult and older people's facilities.

The strategy adds: "When planning to achieve major improvement it is also important to maintain and enhance existing infrastructure. For this reason, a large part of our capital investment involves maintaining and enhancing key existing infrastructure such as roads and schools.

"It is also important we make best use of investment opportunities across Fife arising from a variety of sources, most signifcantly, the Edinburgh and South East Scotland and Tay City Region Deals which Fife is part of.

"While we know it will be challenging to achieve our ambitions, we believe it is possible."

Councillors are due to discuss the strategy at the policy and co-ordination meeting on Thursday.