A PROBLEM with rats coming from the burn at the north end of High Street is being tackled by a pest control company.

The problem has been noticed by people at the Gulf Petrol Station in High Street and the management immediately brought in a pest control company.

The issue was highlighted on Facebook and it alerted Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt who is pressing for an effective solution to the problem.

Said Councillor Watt: "The footage shared on Facebook of rats scurrying around the petrol station on Cowdenbeath's High Street is extremely concerning.

"The rats are obviously coming from the burn adjacent, however, the fact they are coming in land so nonchalantly is a real cause for concern."

He added: "I don't believe this is an isolated incident and I don't believe there will be a simple solution. "Fife Council is working alongside private contractors and the owners of the petrol station in an attempt to eradicate the problem, however, I will be pressing for longer-term solutions.

"Cowdenbeath is on the up with so many positive projects to look forward to.

"The last thing we need is rats causing stress and anxiety to residents and businesses as well as causing untold structural damage.

"In the meantime, I would advise residents to dispose of their litter and food waste responsibly and where possible, avoid that area as rats can carry a number of nasty diseases which can spread to humans."

The High Street is currently the subject of two progressive projects at either end.

The work currently at the south end is through the TRANSIT project will see over £600,000 spent on upgrades which will see Brunton Square and the Green Square totally upgraded and the pavements replaced plus other repairs to roads.

Meanwhile at the north end work has started at the North End Park site to create retail outlets for Lidl and B&M who will becoming to the town as part of an £8m investment.

So as Councillor Watt indicated this rodent problem will have to be tackled swiftly.