EXXONMOBIL has launched a new dedicated Twitter feed for the Mossmorran Fife Ethylene Plant and a series of associated website upgrades to improve its community communications with local communities.

One of the criticisms of the operators of the FEP over recent years which has seen periods of flaring causing concern, has been been getting messages across to the communities which surround the plant.

But moves are in the pipeline to improve all this and plant boss Sonia Bingham said this week: “We’re committed to communicating effectively, both through our daily interactions with the community using traditional means and via modern communications tools such as Twitter.”

“Our Twitter feed (@exxonmobil_fep) enables us to be more responsive, while our website upgrade provides more information about the plant, including a page full of links to external information about FEP from our regulators (SEPA, the HSE, etc.), the UK Government (COMAH) and local community organisations we support.

“There is a wealth of information available about FEP, and we are making it easier for the community to find.

"We would encourage everyone with an interest in FEP to follow our Twitter feed (@exxonmobil_fep) and visit our website (https://exxonmobil.co/2N4HfvM).”