A COWDENBEATH man who was found by police carrying a metal baton in public said he had been carrying it for his own protection.

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard that the incident had also been the second offence that Thomas Mcaleese had committed in just five days.

At around 2am on July 11, police had been on mobile patrol and stopped a vehicle to speak to the accused and witness about a separate matter.

The witnessed then informed the police that Mcaleese had a baton with him and accused ended up showing it to the police.

Whilst on the road to the police station Mcaleese told officers that he had been threatened by other people and carried the weapon for his own protection.

Mcalesse, 21, of James Court, previously admitted that on July 11 at Moss-side Road, Cowdenbeath, being a public place, he did without reasonable excuse or lawful authority, have with him an offensive weapon, namely a metal baton.

Defence solicitor, Brian Tait, explained that his client was quite a vulnerable adult who had learning difficulties.

He said that he relied on relatives and was under their influence - the witness in this case being his cousin, who was now in jail.

"It appears he is at a cross roads; he can cease this relationship or continue to hang around with those who get him into trouble," Mr Tait said.

"I am inviting the Court to deal with this by way of an order where he can get some support."

Sheriff Craig McSherry said: "This was an offence which was carried out while on bail.

"While on the face of it you are a first-time offender, this could be dealt with by way of a custodial sentence."

The Sheriff gave Mcaleese an opportunity and placed him on a restriction of liberty order for four months with 12 months supervision.