THE ambulance team who played a key part in saving the life of a well known Benarty man, who suffered a heart attack while at a school Nativity show, were personally thanked by him on Wednesday.

Benarty Community Council chairman, Stevie Nardone, was at the Nativity at Ballingry's St Kenneth's Primary when he was struck down by a heart attack.

While the ambulance team were heading for the school, which does not have a defibrillator, Stevie was kept alive by the CPR work of four nurses, who were at the play, and one of the school's teachers.

Their efforts ensured that the ambulance team were able to take over the work to ensure that Stevie survived and saw him recover in hospital.

He has been able to personally thank the ladies who worked on him at St Kenneth's; and on Wednesday he was delighted to meet the Scottish Ambulance team based at Lumphinnans station who raced to his assistance, Claire Stewart, Kev Fitzgerald, Jim Hutchison and Morag Campbell.

Said Stevie: "The simple story is that without the efforts of the ladies at the school and the ambulance team I would not be here.

"I was delighted to be able to go and meet Claire, Kev, Jim and Morag to thank them and they were able to explain what they did on the day.

"It really is amazing what they do and I will be forever grateful to them".

He has been determined to raise money to buy a defibrillator to be based at St Kenneth's and a race night he held, along with proceeds from a sponsored walk organised by pupils and staff of the Hill Road school, has realised £3,100.

Said Stevie: "I have to thank everyone who has helped raise this amazing sum and I hope we can soon have defibrillator provision at St Kenneth's."