'MODERN Apprenticeships' are currently a fantastic opportunity for Beath pupils to aim for.

Many organisations now provide a well-paid salary, whilst developing young people in their business culture, combined with formal qualifications to accompany their personal development.

Very high numbers of apprentices get retained on permanent contracts after they complete their initial course and placements.

On June 7 a group of new S3 Business pupils from Beath High School were among 60 other pupils, mainly from Edinburgh, participating in a fascinating RBS Apprenticeship INSIGHT day.

The pupils got up to date information into how the RBS has developed its Modern Apprenticeships programme and how it is seeking new young people to bring onto the programme.

The pupils were provided with inputs from the team that oversees the RBS Young Apprenticeship programme and they got the opportunity to meet existing young apprentices who discussed how they secured a place on the work based learning programme and what they are currently working on.

Amongst other activities the pupils undertook learning based workshops on technology in Business and were provided with a tour of the impressive RBS Campus at Gogarburn, Edinburgh.

During the morning the pupils got to meet and chat with young entrepreneurs in the RBS 'Entrepreneur hub' and also receive advice from very experienced RBS senior staff.

The pupils pictured all enjoyed their day and were very impressed with the size and scale of the RBS Campus and its commitment to recruit suitable young people.