BENARTY Fundraisers are planning to see the path structure on the outskirts of Lochore Meadows Country Park given a complete overhaul.

The state of these paths linking Ballingry, Crosshill and Lochore with the Meedies has been a problem for some time and one of our pictures shows Councillor Mary Lockhart trying to walk up the Black Path, which is behind Durward Street then through the gate and into Lochore Play Park leading to Ballingry.

However, the Fundraisers have been working with outside groups to see if something can be done.

Said the Fundraisers James Fotheringham: "We have tried local councillors, various departments at Fife Council, Lochore Meadows and even some local contractors to try and help with this and got no where in two years.

"However, not all is lost as in that time we have made some great contacts and I think between us we can come up with a plan and a strong possibility of some funding.

"Benarty Fundraisers' Tammy Marr has been very busy setting up meetings and looking at some funding sources which some of them will have to be match funded by the Fundraisers".

Added James: "We had a meeting a few weeks ago with Richard Armstrong, from Paths For All, and he made us more confident of achieving our goals after we showed him the areas of concern and also our work we had already done in finding funding and having the support of Ian Bruce, a local contractor, and sponsor of the Fundraisers who has a lot of experience in path laying with various councils and customers.

"We are no waiting on the owners of the land getting back to us and the engineer from Paths for All doing a survey".

James recalled that following Mary Lockhart trying to walk up the path two years ago and it was that bad the parks department did them a great favour by putting down some bark chippings as so the many people who were slipping in the mud on the steep slop had some grip.

However, James added that the pictures of Tammy and her daughter Rosie showing the trip hazard's on some of the routes and how much the Black Path has eroded away with no maintenance in years indicate the problems that exist.

The second path which is recorded as a Core Path at Lochore Bridge and St Ronans Gardens, Lochore with has large overgrown bushes. Some of these bushes have very sharp thorns at children's and adults' eye level that could cause serious damage. The path has been allowed to narrow through time and is littered with dogs dirt and discarded poo bags.

Added James: "Our discussions with Richard Armstrong has given us a lot of positives and we hope that soon this can all be sorted out."