THE 70th anniversary of the NHS has been marked in Fife with a commemorative tree planting ceremony at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

NHS Fife Chair , Cowdenbeath woman Tricia Marwick and Chief Executive Paul Hawkins, were joined by Christine Kyle, a staff midwife with over 44 years NHS service, and Jodie Moffat, a domestic assistant, who began her NHS career in April this year.

Tricia Marwick, said: “The NHS has touched the lives of millions of people over the last seven decades and transformed healthcare.

“Previously untreatable conditions can now be treated and advances in screening, diagnosis, surgery and medicine mean that many diseases are managed more effectively or can be prevented.

“At the heart of all of this are our wonderful staff. Without the skill, dedication and vision of staff past and present the NHS would not be the remarkable institution it is today.

“We should all be rightfully proud of our NHS and the extraordinary staff who continue to go above and beyond.”

Paul Hawkins, Chief Executive of NHS Fife, said: “Few people can remember a time when the NHS was not there for them.

“Remarkable strides have been made in the delivery of healthcare over the years. As we look to the future we will build further on these successes.

“Staff have played a crucial role in the development and transformation of services and remain central as modern healthcare makes further advances and innovations.”

Displays are also taking place in Victoria Hospital and Queen Margaret Hospital, before moving to St Andrews Community Hospital later this month.

Involved in the tree planting were Carol Potter (Director of Finance), Jann Gardner (Interim Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief Executive), Barbara Anne Nelson (Director of Workforce), Paul Hawkins (Chief Executive), Wilma Brown (Employee Director), Margaret Hannah (Director of Public Health); front - Christine Kyle (Staff Midwife), Jodie Moffat (Domestic Assistant) and Tricia Marwick (Chair of NHS Fife).