A LOCAL MP hopes to see more answers provided next month to queries about the Mossmorran Petro Chemical complex.

A Freedom of Information request by MSP, Mark Ruskell, threw up several issues which Green Party member felt were of concern.

Lesley Laird, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, said: “In light of these FOI documents, I’ve written to the HSE, SEPA and the companies at Mossmorran requesting information.

“While it’s important to understand these reports date back to previous years and some issues have already been resolved, the content does raise valid concerns about the robustness of safety practices, risk management and maintenance of the plant".

Ms Laird added: “We don’t have access to data from recent inspections, since those reports form part of a live investigation into flaring episodes at Mossmorran, nor do we have a proper understanding of what these reports mean to the here and now.

“As a result, I’ll be seeking immediate reassurances that the plant – as it stands now – is compliant with the HSE and SEPA safety standards.

“Earlier this year, I pulled together a cross community/cross party working group - together with Professor Wilson Sibbett of St Andrew’s University - to look at repeated flaring at the site due to community concerns. Already, through the collective pressure of the group, the HSE and SEPA have now committed to a joint investigation.

“In addition, at the last meeting the two companies advised that they are to undertake a joint study looking at best available technologies in relation to the operations of the two sites, and we await the terms of reference for this study.

“The group is due to meet again in August and I expect the authorities and the companies to explain in more detail the issues raised in these reports.”