A KELTY baby's arrival has been filmed as part of the NHS 70th Birthday celebrations.

Little Connie Allan was captured by an STV film team as she came into world at the Victoria Hospital Maternity Unit and appeared on screen on Thursday night.

Connie is Gemma, 33, and Stewart, 31, Allan's second child.

Stewart explained how Connie appeared on television: "Gemma noticed a wee while back that STV News were looking for a new born situation as part of the NHS 70th Birthday coverage and she lodged our interest in taking part.

"When another couple withdrew we were asked to take part and to be honest we did not really notice the cameras at all.

"Everything was developing so fast when Connie's arrival began but it was strange to see ourselves on television on Thursday night."

Gemma and Stewart have a son Isaac who is two next month and he was quite taken my mum, dad and his sister being on the television!

Said catering team leader, Stewart: "Isaac was a bit bemused to see his little sister on the television.

"It was a very interesting experience to be part of the NHS's 70th anniversary celebrations and very much something to remember."

Stay at home mum Gemma and little Connie have been doing very well.