THERE was plenty of visitors from the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly Area at the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood on Wednesday.

Lochgelly's highly successful dance teacher, Stacey Gunn, who runs the Zodiac Dance School, in Main Street, was one of the guests.

The Zodiac's won the Lochgelly Citizen of the Year accolade in November after a string of impressive wins at World level on the street dance circuit.

Stacey's work which has seen so many quality dancers produced by the Zodiac school, and the title successes, was one of the reasons for her invite to Holyrood.

Said Stacey: "It was an amazing experience. I loved talking to the other guests and finding out why they were invited and met some truly inspiring people.

"The weather of course played a part in making the day memorable. It was fantastic and I felt honoured to be invited".

Also there was a party from the Fife Dog Rescue and Re-homing who are pictured just before they entered Holyrood Park.

The organisation is based at Thistle Industrial Estate, in Cowdenbeath, and Monica Connor said it was a great day in weather

And among the guests was Times chief reporter, Jim Stark, and clerkess and theatre critic Kerry Black.

Kerry was accompanied by her husband Lindsay, who doubles up as the Times' bowls reporter; and Jim by his friend Mary Bruce.

Jim said: "It was a completely fascinating day and it was very interesting to have Prince Andrew asking the work we do in the community.

There were also other visitors to the event from the locality.