A DRUNK Lochgelly woman twice smashed into another vehicle in a shop car park, then drove off erratically.

The woman whose car was badly damaged by Elizabeth Heggie tried to take the keys from her ignition after the initial collision.

Heggie, 56, slammed the door shut on her hand, reversed into her car again, then drove off over a pavement.

The victim phoned the police and told them who had been driving and when they went to Heggie’s home shortly afterwards, they found her lying drunk on the floor.

She then refused to take a breath test and resisted arrest violently. When she finally did give a breath sample at the police station, she was more than four times over the drink-drive limit.

Heggie, of Grainger Street, denied four offences but she was found guilty after a trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

On November 28, 2016, at the Co-op store car park, Bank Street, Lochgelly, being the driver of a car which was involved in an accident, she failed to stop and give her name and address.

Then, at her home, she failed to give the identity of the driver of the car to police.

She failed to co-operate in taking a preliminary breath test as required by officers.

She was also found guilty of driving in Lochgelly having consumed excess alcohol, her reading being 91 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of alcohol and the legal limit being 22 microgrammes.

She had admitted one offence of resisting police officers by shouting, swearing, struggling violently and lashing out with her arms and legs.

She had denied the other charges, claiming she had not been drinking before the accident but had then returned home and downed a half bottle of whisky.

However, a woman who saw Heggie in the Co-op before the collisions said she was staggering about and smelling of alcohol.

During cross-examination, depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said to Heggie: “You keep saying you’re here to tell the truth but what you’ve told us is anything but the truth.”

Sheriff Craig McSherry called for reports and Heggie will be sentenced on July 12. A temporary driving ban was imposed until then.