A PLEA has been made to youngsters in Cowdenbeath to think twice before causing mindless damage to property in the town as the historic Civic Week 2018 is set to start.

This is the big community week’s 40th anniversary, which starts this coming weekend, but Cowdenbeath Community Council chairman Alex Haddow was shocked by damage again being caused to the First World War Memorial at the Public Park, the third such occurrence in three months, and also vandalism to property in Hill Street, while Broad Street Primary School was subject to an attack by vandals last week.

Mr Haddow said that he was extremely frustrated by the needless damage caused to the War Memorial on Sunday by a small fire in this the 100th anniversary year of the end of the Great War.

But the attacks on other property is equally galling for him and he wished that those involved would just think before they cause such damage.

He said this week: “The damage that has been caused to the war memorial over recent months is quite shocking, in this the 100th year since the end of the First World War.

“The names of Cowdenbeath people who died serving their country in that conflict are on the memorial and causing wanton damage to it really is very disrespectful.

“And the damage to other property in the town is equally frustrating when a lot of investment is being made to improve the High Street area of the town.”

The Community Police Team have been making enquiries into recent reports of vandalism in the Cowdenbeath area including damage to schools, businesses and landmarks.

Added Mr Haddow: “Civic Week is 40 years-old this year and a packed seven days of events starts this weekend, which will end with gala day.

“Hopefully those who have been carrying out the vandalism will stop and think why they are doing these things, for it does nothing for the image of Cowdenbeath.”