COUNCILLORS are backing a move to ensure that young people in two local communities feel they are part of the decision making process.

Cowdenbeath Area Committee heard that it was felt that not enough youth involvement had recently been involved in deciding participatory budget projects.

Committee convener, Councillor Linda Erskine, felt that this was something that had to change and formulated a motion 'Recognising Young People's Contribution To Our Communities'.

In the motion Councillor Erskine proposed: "Cowdenbeath Area recognises and welcomes the contribution our young people make to their communities, but also recognises that their voice is often lost in decision making.

"In the most recent participatory budget exercises there was representation from cross the Area Committee, however, none iof the projects agreed were directly as a result of youth involvement.

"This area Committee resolved to ensure that young people feel part of the decision making process in their communities and recommends awarding £5,000 per ward to a participatory budget process that will be administered through Community Learning Development and Youth Staff to ensure the maximum participation of young people.

"It is proposed that this year the two areas, Kelty and Cardenden be the first to participate in this exercise.

"This will then be evaluated and a report submitted to the Area Committee dealing with the finding and evaluations and recommending whether it should be rolled out to the other parts of the wards in future years."

Councillor Erskine backed the motion by stating: "There have been some youth disturbances in Kelty and Cardenden recently and hopefully this has not come from young people in these communities feeling left out of the decision making process.

"The young people of all our communities are the future and we want them to be able to give us their views on what they would like to see happening in their villages."

Councillor Alex Campbell, who seconded, added: "It is highly important that we take on board the thoughts of our young people and I think this is an excellent idea."

Councillor Alistair bain commented: "I think that £5,000 is money being well spent in engagement with the younger element in our communities."

Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt said: "I fully agree with this and it would be great if each of our communities could be involved in this process over a period of time."

The motion was agreed and that this goes ahead as a pilot project.