COWS were on the road in Crosshill this morning after someone deliberately opened a field gate gate near Lochore Meadows Country Park.

And farmer Julie Ann Brownlie reported on her Facebook page that the person responsible had left blocked the gate lock with a piece of wood.

The cows eventually found their way into the middle of Crosshill.

Said Julie Ann: "My husband and his work colleagues got a call this morning saying the cows were out in Crosshill!

"They had got out from the field at the side of the Meadows. They rushed up to find the cows in Park Street and half way up Crosshill!

"Some person had put a stick in the self closing gate preventing it from closing!

"Even worse that folk had been walking through it and not even bothering to close it! You wonder who would actually do this!"

Julie Ann made the following plea on her page: "Please be aware when walking here the gates must be shut at all times!

"After all, it’s you that would be upset if your garden or car was destroyed by livestock! Even worse if someone hurt, or a cow dead!"

It meant the farm staff had to try to herd up the animals and persuade them to return to the field.