WORK started this week on a new facility which will give small children the chance to learn cycling skills.

Part of the land behind Benarty Centre will house what local councillor Mary Lockhart calls ‘The Wee Bike Park’.

It had been hoped that the facility would be open by now but the atrocious weather in March and early April meant that this was not possible.

However, on Monday the first turf was caught for the bike park for kids and it is expected that it will be completed before the end of the school term.

And it is being constructed with important information from children themselves taken on board.

Said Councillor Lockhart: “This facility will be built around the same style as the ‘wee bike park’ in Townhill and is geared to helping children ranging in ages of three to seven to get key cycling skills.

“While we have the magnificent Fife Cycle Track, in Glencraig, it is clearly for older cyclists but children also enjoy getting out on two wheels and this new track will encourage mums and dads to bring their children along and let them develop their skills.”

The project has been developed after consultation with children on what they would like to have in their bike park.

Added Ms Lockhart: “The kids gave some really interesting information and I am sure this will be something that will be a very popular facility. It could become something that whole families can get involved with and I am sure that it will prove an attraction to people from Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, Kelty and Cardenden as well.”

The Townhill children’s bike track has proved a highly successful facility and the Benarty one will be equally as successful.