THRILLER Live! is this week’s show in Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre and before you all say “Oh, I’ve seen that before”, book up now as this is the best tribute to Michael Jackson’s hits I have ever seen, writes our theatre critic, Kerry Black.

It’s dazzling, vibrant and exciting and completely different from any previous tour of Thriller Live!

Unbelievably the late, great M. J. would have been sixty this summer. Following his tragic death in 2009, his star has just continued to soar and soar and this week’s show is the ultimate homage to the music of Michael and the Jackson 5, taking us from Motown to disco and soul, affirming his title as The King of Pop.

Currently celebrating it’s tenth year of touring, strangely enough I saw this ten years ago in this very venue as I had won tickets from the Central Fife Times.

Over the years, I have seen the show several times and each production just gets bigger and better, what a way to celebrate a phenomenal performer!

While some of the artistes give uncanny portrayals of Michael at various stages in his career, there are a whole host of fabulous singers and dancers involved in this dazzling show, taking us through his incredible forty five year career.

Featuring incredible lighting, a great live band, video screens and pyrotechnics, Thriller Live! gives the audience the full rock star treatment!

Thriller appeals to people of all ages, many of whom must have been born following his untimely death. Featuring all his classic hits from ballads such as Ben, through high energy tracks like Smooth Criminal, right up to Thriller itself, this exciting show has the crowd dancing along.

I still have the LP of Thriller and was amazed to realise it was released in 1982, spawning seven hit singles, it remains the best selling album in the world, having sold over sixty six million copies!

Make sure you Moonwalk your way to the Festival Theatre this week to see why folk are still thrilled by the Thriller legacy.

The show is on at 7.30pm nightly, except Saturday when there is a 4pm and 8pm showing. Contact 0131 529 6000 to book tickets.