PUPILS from Lumphinnans Primary Community School discovered the secrets of electricity first-hand next week when Generation Science, a touring programme of science showed delivered by the Edinburgh International Science Festival visits their school.

This stimulating interactive workshop, funded by ExxonMobil as part of its UK wide Link Schools programme, gave pupils an understanding of what electricity is, how it can be stored and how to create it using specially designed hand generators.

The pupils were able to learn how electrons flow around a circuit, how magnets and human movement can be used to produce electricity and take part in the Hexbug challenge where each team were able to charge up mini-robotic creatures and race them round a track.

Mrs Waugh, Acting Depute Head at Lumphinnans Primary Community School, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Generation Science tour to the school.

"Power from the People is an excellent way of engaging children with understanding electricity using a hands-on practical approach, which the school can then follow up in classes.”

Catherine Cubitt from ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd said: “Generation Science’s shows and workshops are great for sparking inquiring minds and encouraging young people to take a lasting interest in science, which is why ExxonMobil continues to support them year on year.

"We hope that by bringing science into the classroom and making it fun, pupils taking part can see how exciting it can be and be inspired to study science in the future with a view to a career linked to the subject."

Joan Davidson, Head of Education, Generation Science said: “Generation Science is all about improving the provision of science education in Scottish primary schools and we do this with the support of companies like ExxonMobil and our team of incredibly enthusiastic science communicators, whose energy and passion for delivering engaging science, inspires young learners and brings science to life in the classroom.”

Power from the People is one of 15 curriculum based, fun, interactive science shows and workshops created by Generation Science, a learning initiative designed to improve the provision of science education in Scottish primary schools and support teachers to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence.

Generation Science are touring primary schools throughout Scotland until May 18. It is the UK’s largest primary science education outreach provider and each year, the team visit over 600 primary schools throughout Scotland travelling to the most northern schools in Shetland, to the Borders, and to some of the remotest schools on the Western Isles.

Over the last 27 years, since Generation Science was launched, the team has reached well over a million pupils in Scotland with their extensive programme covering topics related to Planet Earth, Technologies, Biological Systems, Forces, Electricity and Waves; and Materials.