A HILL of Beath man who assaulted a neighbour who had threatened him and his wife was admonished this week.

Richard Barr, 30, of Allan Park, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday after previously admitting that on August 28, at Allan Park, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm when he barged into the garden, taking the hinges off the gate in the process, and shouted and swore.

He also admitted assaulting a man by repeatedly punching him on the head to his injury

Depute fiscal, Jennifer Graham, said the victim sustained bruising to the face as a result of the incident, however, no medical attention was required.

Solicitor, Peter Robertson, said his client had been out in his garden and became aware of shouting in the street.

Barr and his wife went out to investigate and could see the man involved in an argument and described him as a "raging bull".

"He was being verbally abusive to an old woman across the street calling her a nosey cow and then started to shout abuse at them," he told the Court.

"He started shouting at him saying he was a big b*****d and challenging him to fight and making threats that he would put his windows in and slash his tyres."

Barr then got the impression that the man may attack his wife and took action.

"He understands that he could have walked away," added Mr Robertson. "He accepts he intervened and grabbed the complainer's shirt and the complainer grabbed him back and accepts there was shouting and swearing and was doing all these things.

"It is a case that he has been provoked and feels that he had some kind of justification."

Sheriff Craig McSherry said, before sentencing, that he had taken into account that the victim "may have been out of control" that evening.

He added: "He made threats towards your wife and you acted under severe provocation and I am going to, in all the circumstances, admonish you."