A BENARTY community councillor has slammed the level of flytipping in the four villages that make up the area.

At a time when new facilities have just been opened at Lochore Meadows Country Park and the £1m plus Fife Cycle Track at Glencraig is set to open, Brian Menzies feels that some of the problems need to be tackled now.

He has found some really sad sights which include fridges, mattresses and general rubbish lying in open countryside.

Said Brian: "Elected councillors for the Benarty area had a walk around recently with the plan of noting areas needing attention.

"I decided to look around the four villages myself and I was shocked with what I discovered.

"This is at a time when the the new Meadows visitor centre and golf clubhouse have just been opened and the impressive cycle track is set to be unfurled this month.

"All these excellent facilities bring people to the Benarty area, but some of the sights I saw on my trip around the district was quickly frankly shocking and not something anyone would want to see."

He added: "In Glencraig, for instance, near Ore Park, there was a mixture of things lying strewn around ranging from an old fridge, old wrappers and waste paper, to an old mattress.

"The old derelict farm house in the village is a complete mess with a half demolished shed dominating the scene and rubbish strewn all around it.

"There are also problem areas in Lochore, Crosshill and Ballingry which need to be tackled ."

Brian feels that some of the rubbish has been lying for a long time and he added: "These flytippers are a disgrace to the area and at a time when so much good is taking place in the area this does absolutely nothing for it and works against everything that is trying to be achieved."