A LOCAL farming family has made a plea to dog owners to ensure that their animals are kept on the lead if going for walks on farm land.

On Friday a sheep was found mauled by a dog at Wester Colquhally Farm, near Cartmore Industrial Estate.

The injuries were too severe for the sheep to survive, and two lambs have been left without a mum.

Said farmer, Julie Anne Brownlie: "Sadly this is reality! One of our sheep had not even been outside with its lambs for 24 hours before being mauled by a dog.

"This happened over at the other farm near Lochgelly Industrial estate Colquhally Farm!

"We know there are lots of people who walk their dogs through this farm with no leads on!

"This happened between 5pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday. We would ask that anyone who happened to see our sheep being chased please message us. Police have been contacted."

Julie Anne said that such were the injuries caused by the attacking dog their animal was left in a terrible state with its face being severely damaged.

She made a plea to dog owners: "Please keep your animal on the lead if walking on farm land."