A FAMILY was left distraught when thieves struck at Ballingry Cemetery.

Mum, Grace Nikolic, was buried on February 15 and the family graveside of the well known Benarty family had just been given a seasonal look to it with a display of spring flowers being planted in the trough and pots.

But last week someone went to the graves in the new section of the cemetery and stole the lot.

Grace's son Krysto was shocked when he visited the graveside and saw the display had gone: "The trough has been their since dad died in the 1990s, over 20 years untouched, but it was shipped along with three pots with spring flowers growing well.

"Clearly, whoever it was has taken it for their own uses. Really it is appalling that people could go to a grave and literally simply steal a family's floral display."

Krysto has reported the theft to the police but the incident has left family very unhappy.