THE people of Hill of Beath are being urged to back an initiative which would see the area around the village community centre become a massive community asset.

And to get involved in this project just go along to a public meeting being held at Hill of Beath Community Centre on Tuesday April 17 at 6.30pm.

The meeting is geared to discussing how the Community Centre can become the subject of a Community Asset Transfer which would make it a key element in a project which would see Fife Council build a new nursery at the north east end of the village and the 3G football facility could become part if the new complex.

But to make this happen people need to come forward to form a committee to steer the Community Asset Transfer of the community centre which would become the property of the people of Hill of Beath.

The village's community council is holding Tuesday's meeting and chairman Willie Bishop is looking for villagers to come forward and take part in this exciting initiative.

Already local junior football club, Hill of Beath Hawthorn is right behind the initiative as is the village school management and staff.

Said Willie: "There are so many elements blending into this project which makes the most exciting development in the village for many, many years.

"The Haws' Jock Finlayson and John Mitchell have been such an inspiration in helping project the initiative forward and the Scottish Football Association has made it plain that they can go a long way to helping community driven initiatives."

The council want to build a new nursery to cater for the growing village population and the Community Asset Transfer of the Centre would make it an important part of the football facility with the whole scheme being in the corner of the village beside the Centre.

Added Willie Bishop: "The SFA have said that a community run initiative like the 75x50 football pitch would be able to apply for a number of sources of funding and they have backed similar projects all over Scotland.

"With the Baxterfield housing development likely to raise the population by around 400 people there is a need for this project in Hill of Beath and a new nursery.

"But we need the people of the village to help us make it happen. My message is please come along on Tuesday and show your support for this."