THERE was good news for residents in Cowdenbeath’s Johnston Park when the Area Committee agreed that a stretch of road be upgraded at a cost of £70,000.

There has been a lot of concern expressed by local councillors about the fact that some pavements and stretches of roadway in Johnston Park remain unadopted and at Wednesday’s Area Committee the Roads and Transportation Department’s 2018/19 programme went before the members.

It showed that the full length of the northern road into the estate, which is adopted, was to be the subject of re-instatement at a cost of £70,000.

The Roads Department’s Ian Jones said: “The northern access road is badly potholed and requires upgrading.

“This is recommended as a category one project.”

Councillor Alex Campbell welcomed the news of this work but was concerned at the continued uncertainty about what was adopted and unadopted in this 70 house estate.

He said: “This is indeed good news for the people of Johnston Park but we still have this problem of some pavements and stretches of road that are unadopted.

“There has to be some way of getting around this sort of stalemate situation because it is one of the town’s biggest housing areas and for only some of it to be adopted is not right.”

Ian Jones said that all residents carried a responsibility for the ‘safe’ condition of footpaths outside their home which would, he said, be included in deeds, but it was something that people often did not realise.

Councillor Campbell added: “The estate was finished almost 50 years ago so to be at a stage where paths are not adopted is not right at all.”

Work is continuing to see what can be done to see how a number of unadopted areas in Fife can be put in a position so that these can be ready to be taken on board by the local authority.