A LOCAL councillor is concerned that a major further education base for school leavers in the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area is looking like it is to miss out on a key piece of investment.

And Cowdenbeath and Kelty member Alex Campbell has written to Cowdenbeath MSP, Annabelle Ewing, in a bid to find out what the position is regarding a new college building for the Halbeath facility.

Councillor Campbell said in his letter: "I am writing to you to raise my concern at recent developments. The announcement made in 2014 that Fife College was to share in a £140million with Falkirk to get a new college building has been cancelled and whilst Falkirk will go ahead the money promised for Fife will no longer be available.

"I am sure that I do not have to tell you how disappointing this news is for the Cowdenbeath area given the Dunfermline college is where the majority of college students from this area go".

He added: "Fife College have some great plans for widening the curriculum to more reflect the regional economy for this area which will give young people in particular better opportunities and the chance to get the skills and education they need to succeed in the world of work.

"Key to this is the development of a new campus that is fit for the 21st century and is why so many people were delighted when the announcement was made back in 2014.

"We are being told that the Scottish Government is urging the college to enter into a private finance initiative with the council to build a super campus with two high schools. This is not was what announced, not what was promised and is not in my view a worthy alternative to what was promised and indeed what is being delivered in Falkirk.

"The fact that the Falkirk new build is going ahead is clearly good news for Falkirk but for the life of me I cannot understand why the Dunfermline proposal is not. I would be grateful if you can perhaps explain why this has happened and what you as the local constituency MSP are proposing to do to make sure that our new college as promised will be delivered for the many towns and villages of this area that will benefit from such a facility."