POLICE are again issuing a warning to dog owners following a number of sheep-worrying incidents since the start of the year and one in which animals were killed in Cardenden.

Officers in Cardenden then received a report of five sheep having been seriously wounded at a farm near Cardenden between 6th and 7th March. During this incident, two were killed instantly and three more had to be put down by a local vet as a result of the injuries they sustained.

The impact of sheep worrying is not only extremely harrowing for the farmers, but has a significant financial implication.

Dog owners are advised to keep pets on a lead when around other animals and to always be aware of cattle and livestock when in rural settings.

Crime Prevention Officer PC Fraser Laird said: "Throughout the Fife area we have seen a number of incidents already this year of dogs being dangerously out of control. We are appealing to dog owners to ensure proper control of their dogs."