THE Conservative group in Fife is bringing a motion to this Thursday’s Council meeting requesting that Council buildings, starting with Fife House and Rothesay House, begin to transition away from single-use plastics.

The motion is being proposed by Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt and seconded by Cllr Kathleen Leslie.

Speaking prior to Thursday’s Council meeting, Cllr Watt, who sits on the Environment Committee said: “This motion is a very important first step to show Fife Council are leading by example and practising what they often preach.

"We must provide environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic products and encourage staff and visitors to make better and more informed decisions.

"The devastating impact to the environment and escalating costs of recycling can no longer be ignored. We need to tackle this issue head on, starting with assessing our own in-house practices.”

The shift away from single-use plastic has already gained support in other local authorities. Both Angus and Aberdeen Councils have proposed measures to phase out plastic straws and other single-use plastic items in council buildings.

Cllr Kathleen Leslie added: “Single-use plastic has been a bug bear of mine for a long time.

"Discarded plastic cups, bottles, cutlery and bags can end up in the sea and cause horrendous damage to marine life. Schools teach youngsters from an early age about the importance of recycling, therefore, it is only right that the local authority is seen to be leading the way.

"We all have a responsibility to cut down hugely on single-use plastic. Some coffee cups are notoriously difficult to recycle due to their mixed materials, surely it is better to look at alternatives such as bringing your own cup.”

The motion will ask that plastic cutlery is no longer available and that staff bring their own refillable bottle for the water fountains. Consideration should also be given to offering discounts or incentives to those who bring their own coffee cup.