MSP Alex Rowley has written to Fife Council's Chief Executive asking that before any planning approval for 900 new homes in Kelty is given how a new health centre for the village can be funded is examined.

Kelty based Mr Rowley has asked Steve Grimmond to take on board the issues raised by the medical practice at the current facility in Main Street.

In his letter to Mr Grimmond, Mr Rowley said: "I am writing to request that Fife Council review the approach being taken towards the planning application for 900 new homes in Kelty (by I H Brown).

"In particular, I am concerned by the growing concerns being expressed by many of the residents of Kelty that the current medical centre is struggling to cope and will not be able to accommodate any further increase in patients.

"We have corresponded on this matter on a number of occasions and I have to say it is of concern that Fife Council is failing to grasp the seriousness and significance of this issue for the people of Kelty".

"In a reply to me dated October 16 2017 you stated that: 'Economy, Planning & Employability Services colleagues have regular liaison meetings with NHS Fife. I understand that NHS Fife recently carried out strategic assessments for Lochgelly and Kincardine, and draft business cases are being prepared including one for Kelty but we have no more information on that at present. In recent discussions with NHS Fife, Fife Council has been advised if developers build all of the houses at once it would only equate to one additional GP. NHS Fife were consulted on the planning application in February 2017 and I understand that the developer is willing to reserve land for a future health centre'."

The MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife also included the latest correspondence from the Kelty Medical Practice that addresses the points made by Mr Grimmond and added: "You will see the practice is very clear that the current building they operate out of would not be able to cope with such a development and, indeed, they would have to close their doors to any new patients.

"Fife Council as the planning authority and as the authority for ensuring health and wellbeing of local communities has, in my view, a duty to consider these matters and to look at what the solutions should be. The council cannot simply ignore this letter and the concerns of the community of Kelty.

"I would therefore ask that this matter is reviewed by officers of both Planning and Health and Social Care, and that consideration be given to the options that may be available to fund a new medical centre in Kelty. This must be done before any planning approval is given".

In January local councillor Alex Campbell wrote the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership asking that the current situation at the Kelty Health Centre be addressed before the planning application was considered.