BALLINGRY'S Magali Christie is set to take on a massive cycling challenge for two charities very dear to her heart.

Born and brought up in France Magali has been living in Scotland for seven years and last year undertook a 300 mile cycle for Cancer Research UK which she completed without any problem, despite the wet weather.

However, the 600 mile test will be for the Benarty Fundraisers and also the Meningitis Research Foundation, following the experience of two of her friends.

Said Magali: "My friends, Nikki and Bryan Robertson, have recently lost their baby twin Jenny, aged only 11 weeks, due to Meningitis and Septicaemia.

"The whole community has been touched by this terrible situation for a local family and I really wanted to do something for them.

"And one of Nikki's wishes is to raise money for this charity to make people aware of it, as it could happen to anyone of us".

She added: "The Benarty Fundraisers are all volunteers, spending lots of time and working hard to raise money for this community which I'm proud to be part of.

"They support all sorts of good causes in the Benarty area and I feel they deserve my backing."

Magali has quickly settled in the Ballingry area and Benarty in general: "I've travelled and lived in different countries, but have never felt so welcome as I have been since living in Benarty.

"I love the community spirit and the hard work people do to give to our community.

"My passion has always been to cycle, not just for cycling but for travelling, the sense of freedom and accomplishment it gives is unique! I started cycling in 2001 and have done several cycling trips including from France to the Baltic States, from France to Armenia and a tour of Ireland.

"I have still got my main cycling project in mind, my big dream to realise is to cycle from France to the Baikal Lake in Russia.

"But for now I am building myself up to complete the 600 mile return journey from Ballingry to John O' Groats and back in April for the Meningitis Research Foundation and Benarty Fundraisers, outstanding causes."

She concluded: "So I ask people to share this page and donate something! Even £1 can make a difference, for the good of our community and all the volunteers behind it; and in memory of Wee Jenny Robertson."